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We’ll help you launch and grow your business in a new market

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market research

Our market research will help you find and connect with your ideal clients and stand out from the competition

Business plan

Our comprehensive business plan is an actionable roadmap guiding you on how to structure, operate, and grow your business to success

positioning STRATEGY

We’ll craft a strategic marketing plan to position your business for success, making it a magnet for more customers

Business coaching

Our coaching program will offer beneficial knowledge and a methodical approach to assist you in launching your business

Our Specialisation

About us

INDESO is a boutique agency specializing in international business consulting. We help our clients enter global markets by conducting market research, creating business plans, developing go-to-market strategies, and providing training on startup development, cultural awareness, and cross-cultural communication.

We are focused on guiding our clients, helping them understand foreign market aspects, and promoting their global business activities. We provide our clients with global market insights that allow them to understand how to thrive in a new market.

Having worked in various business sectors in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia for over 20 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience assisting businesses with international expansion. Using our knowledge of different markets and businesses, we will support your global growth.

Why choose us

1. We are experts in expanding businesses globally

Having consultants with over 20 years of expertise in developing international business across Asia, Europe, and North America is a significant strength for your organization. This level of experience indicates a deep understanding of global markets and diverse business environments.

2. We understand both the particulars of the new market and the mindset of our clients

Our experts have worked in France, Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, India, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore, among other countries, so we have a solid understanding of their unique characteristics. This knowledge enables the development of tailored market entry strategies. By combining this with a deep understanding of client mindset, we can align strategies with client preferences and market nuances.

3. We take a custom approach to every project

We recognize that each customer’s experience with entering a new market is unique, and our team takes into account the particularities of each industry and country to offer solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the demands of each company.

4. We work in our client’s best interests

We respect the time of our clients and commit to completing our projects on schedule.

We associate great importance with creating value and impact for our clients and ensuring that they receive tangible benefits from our services.

Our Expertise

Tech Startups

The growing global economy and increasing connectivity create opportunities in international markets for tech startups offering innovative solutions in areas like e-commerce, fintech, healthtech, and agritech.

Exporters of Specialized Goods

Small and medium manufacturers producing specialized machinery, equipment, or products that cater to industries like agriculture, mining, and infrastructure development can find a new market overseas.

Food and Beverage Companies

Food and beverage businesses that offer unique products, such as specialty foods, organic products, or health-conscious snacks, can tap into a new growing consumer market.

E-commerce and Online Retail

E-commerce businesses specializing in unique products, fashion, or niche markets could explore the growing online shopping trends in Asia, Europe or America.

Environmental Solutions

Companies providing eco-friendly products, waste management solutions, or sustainable practices consulting might align with Asia’s, Europe’s, and America’s growing awareness of environmental issues.

Tourism and Hospitality Services

With the rich cultural heritage and natural attractions of Asian, European, and American countries, companies offering travel services, adventure tours, or hospitality solutions could find a niche.

Education and Training Providers

Educational services, vocational training, and language learning programs could cater to the growing demand for skill development and cross-cultural exchanges.

Health and Wellness Businesses

Wellness and healthcare-related products and services, such as organic skincare, nutritional supplements, or wellness retreats, could resonate with numerous markets.

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