Market positioning

When providing market positioning services, our team focuses on creating a unique proposition for our clients and identifying the ideal customer niche. The right market positioning will help a business attract customers and create a competitive advantage.

In order to build the right market positioning strategy we analyze the macro and micro environmental factors, conduct SWOT, create a marketing mix and product matrix, perform segmentation, and assess target customer needs and key sales channels.

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Services include

Strategy and planning

  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Creation of a work plan


  • Conducting research

Data analysis

  • Information analysis

Strategy and business plan

  • Unique proposition creation
  • Positioning strategy creation


SWOT analysis

(STP) Segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Brand identity prism

Brand positioning canvas


Creating a distinct brand identity

Developing a clear differentiator from competitors

Marketing messaging that is clear and focuses on the problems your product solves

For Whom Our Services Are

Small and medium-sized companies   




Positioning for an interior design company
Positioning for a furniture business
Positioning for a payment company
Positioning for an IT company
Positioning for beauty salons
Positioning for a tourism business
Positioning for a kids’ shop
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