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Having a detailed business plan is crucial for the success and sustainability of a business.

A business plan serves as a vital tool, offering direction for daily operations, a blueprint for expansion, and a means of communication for diverse stakeholders. Entrepreneurs who dedicate time and resources to crafting and revising their business plans are well-equipped for success in the challenging business environment.


Our experienced researchers, financial modelers, writers, and consultants will formulate a business plan tailored to your needs, fostering your business success. While our company’s business plans are individualized to meet client needs, they typically encompass the following segments:

  1. Executive summary: An overview of a company’s characteristics and potential for success. It contains the company’s mission statement, its product or service, and basic details about its personnel, location, and leadership team. It also includes financial information and growth path.
  2. Company description: A company description is included to give comprehensive details about your business. It outlines the problems that your company resolves. It is precise and includes a list of the customers, organizations, and companies that your business intends to service. It explains the advantages over competitors that will propel your company to success.
  3. Market analysis: This section provides a solid understanding of your target market and industry prospects. Competitive research that demonstrates what other companies are doing, their advantages, and how you might outperform them will be also part of market analysis.
  4. Organization and management: This section outlines the organizational structure, personnel of your corporation, and legal structureIt demonstrates how every person’s distinct background will enhance the success of your business.
  5. Service or product line: This section will describe the products or services you provide. It covers the product lifecycle and how customers benefit from it.
  6. Marketing and sales: This section’s objective is to define a strategy for attracting and keeping clients.
  7. Financial projections: This part aims to demonstrate your company’s reliability and potential for profitability. A projected financial forecast for the following five years will be included.
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Services include

Strategy and planning

  • Goals and objectives
  • Work plan


  • Market research
  • A financial plan
  • Data consolidation

Data analysis

  • Information analysis

Business plan

  • Business plan and strategy
  • Recommendations and insights


PESTEL analysis

Porter’s 5 Forces

BCG matrix

McKinsey matrix

Ansoff matrix

Benefits of developing a business plan

Understanding the return on investment

Finding an investor for the business

Obtaining a license or permit to start a business

Obtaining an immigration business visa

Opening a bank account

Planning a strategy

For Whom Our Services Are

Small and medium-sized companies planning to expand into Central Asia, South-East Asia, West Europe, East Europe and the US

Companies requiring obtaining license and business authorization

Exporters and investor


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A business plan and a go-to-market strategy for payment companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and Canada
Malaysian and Indonesian go-to-market strategies for an international wellness company
A business plan for a Singaporean yoga studio
A business plan for a Central Asian interior design studio
A business plan for a Central Asian non-governmental youth organization
A business plan for a trading company that sells computers in Canada and the United States
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